The OCHREStreams website complies with the Privacy Act 1988.

Client or patient level data is not held in OCHREStreams. At no stage are individual clients identifiable within OCHREStreams.

All data on OCHREStreams is either aggregated at the:

  • service level (service is identifiable); or
  • national, state/territory or program level (individual services are not identifiable).

Although clients may be identifiable to your service within some software such as the Pen Computer Systems Clinical Audit Tool (CAT), this information does not leave your service. For example, to submit data to OCHREStreams via CAT you will first need to select a report to send (i.e. the national Key Performance Indictors). Each report aggregates data at the service level and therefore no client can be identified in the data sent to OCHREStreams.

For further information contact the OCHREStreams help desk on 1800 627 820 or email