Frequent Questions

What is OCHREStreams?

OCHREStreams is a web portal, funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health, which provides a simpler, faster and more accurate reporting system for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health services. The site enables health services to electronically extract data from their clinical software and submit de-identified data to generate electronic reports.

OCHREStreams also provides a range of opportunities for health services to collaborate on quality improvement activities that will improve patient health outcomes.


What data do I submit to OCHREStreams?

Health services can choose to submit only the data required to satisfy their reporting obligations to the Department of Health, or to submit additional data to support quality improvement. Key dates include:

  • 30 June National Key Performance Indicator (nKPI) census date/data collection and Online Service Report (OSR) census/report open date
  • 31 July nKPI report to be submitted
  • 31 August OSR to be submitted
  • 31 December nKPI census date/data collection
  • 31 January nKPI report to be submitted

The nKPIs were developed in consultation with state and territory health officials, the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) and its state and territory affiliates, and approved by the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council. The nKPIs provide information on both the process of care indicators and health outcomes for clients.

The OSR provides key information on the number and type of services and activities undertaken by Indigenous health services providing primary health care, Substance use rehabilitation services and Social and Emotional Wellbeing counselling.

It is possible to submit data only at the time a report is required, however, health services are encouraged to submit data regularly in order to be able to compare themselves with national averages calculated from all contributing services.

OCHREStreams provides a safe and protected area for health services to collaborate with other organisations to improve their healthcare services, using proven continuous quality improvement tools and techniques. Using OCHREStreams in this way will enable your health service to build a powerful picture of the clinical outcomes it achieves and identify ways to further improve them. This information can also be used to aid decision making in relation to health service planning.


Is OCHREStreams secure?


OCHREStreams uses numerous security devices to protect, detect and prevent security threats and vulnerabilities, including anti-virus software and intrusion detection systems to prevent hacking.

For more information about security, log into OCHREStreams/About/Security.


Is patient data identifiable on OCHREStreams?

No patient is ever identifiable on OCHREStreams.

Information is de-identified before data is sent to OCHREStreams.


How much will it cost?

Access to OCHREStreams is free of charge for all registered users. The Department of Health funds the Improvement Foundation (Australia) Ltd. (IF) to provide a free license to a data extraction tool to registered users of OCHREStreams in order to electronically extract data from your health service’s clinical software. Helpdesk support will also be provided.

If your health service does not use clinical software (excluding MMEX services who can upload data direct to OCHREStreams), a manual submission form is available.


What are the benefits of OCHREStreams?

OCHREStreams aims to alleviate the effort of reporting by:

  • Reducing the amount of manual data entry for report submissions
  • Wherever possible, applying the collect once, use several times principle of data management, reducing the need to re-enter the same information
  • Securely and electronically upload extracted data from your clinical software, saving you time in report preparation
  • Provide an easy-to-use, secure method for sending data to the AIHW.

Using OCHREStreams for continuous quality improvement activities will:

  • Enable you to better identify and tackle chronic disease risk factors
  • Improve chronic disease management and follow-up care for your patients.

At a population level, you will be able to identify health and demographic trends and use that information to shape and improve service delivery.


What data can AIHW or the Department of Health see on OCHREStreams?

Report submissions can only be viewed by AIHW after the health service has prepared the report in OCHREStreams, and the CEO has approved its release. The Department can access data once it has been accepted by the AIHW. The Department only uses nKPI and OSR service level data in a confidential manner. Service level data will not be published.

Both the AIHW and Department of Health will be able to view the status of your report submissions on OCHREStreams (e.g. opened, reviewed or approved) and the dates that reports were submitted. This data can be used to improve data collection processes by providing support to services, where required.


What is data sharing on OCHREStreams?

One of the powerful functions of OCHREStreams is the ability for your health services to share its data with other OCHREStreams users. Any OCHREStreams user can send a data sharing request to a participating health service. The CEO of the recipient health service will be notified of the request. The CEO can then approve or reject the request. Alternatively, the CEO can set up data sharing with one or more users, without having to receive a data sharing request.

Data sharing can be cancelled at any time.


How do I register?

If your health service hasn't already received a registration pack for OCHREStreams, your CEO will need to contact or phone the help desk on 1800 627 820.

The registration pack contains fact sheets, participation agreement and a registration form. The registration form allows the health service CEO to nominate which staff they want to access OCHREStreams and what user group they should be assigned to. Once IF has received a completed registration form, all nominated health service staff will receive the OCHREStreams registration email containing their username and password required to login.

If your health service is already participating in OCHREStreams, but you did not receive the OCHREStreams registration email, you will need to discuss accessing OCHREStreams with your health service CEO.


How do I reset my password?

  1. Go to OCHREStreams website

  2. Click Reset password link to the right of the screen

  3. Enter the email address you used to register to OCHREStreams and click the Get Log In Credentials button

  4. OCHREStreams will then verify your email address and send you a new password to the email address supplied.

Click here to download the Reset Password Quick Reference Guide (PDF)